As the Lord touched each of our hearts, will you also partner with us as we reach out to those that need help?





100% of your tax-deductible donations will go toward White as Wool Ministries causes:

  • Burial of miscarried babies;
  • Ministering biblical healing to women and men suffering the loss of a baby;
  • A place to engrave a lost baby’s name on Memorial for Life monument;
  • Funeral and burial services for baby’s;
  • Post abortion/miscarriage healing studies;
  • Training other leaders to do the same;
  • Establishing Memorial for Life monuments across the country
  • Spreading the Breaking Through message into the utter most parts of the earth!

If you know someone who is hurting from the loss of a baby through abortion or miscarriage, please contact White as Wool Ministries today.


Use this form to make an online donation. If this is for something specific, please note that in the comment box
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