NEVER ENOUGH – Brittany Gross

Brittany grew up in a Christian home, yet at the age of 12 during her bouts of depression there began a journey into a dark path of choices.  Violence, drugs, booze, sexual promiscuity and more leading to her own prison of depression, anger, guilt and fear.  After over a decade of darkness the emptiness brought Brittany to her final breaking point.


THE SHOTS RANG OUT!  Melanie witnessed it all!  First her mother, then her sister, but now – he was after her!  As her life’s journey took her from the jail house to the White House, come to the 2014 Breaking Through Young Women’s conference to hear Melanie Washington’s life’s gripping story of tragedy, redemption and forgiveness.

SLAVE – Theresa Flores
At the age of 15 Theresa accepted a ride home from school from a guy she trusted.  Her life would never be the same again!  She was drugged and raped by a group of men, but this was only the beginning of the horrible YEARS to come.  Afraid to speak the truth, see Theresa share how she was a slave to her captors while her family never knew a thing.  Then … you will hear how a loving Savior rescued her.

Your mother warned you about someone!  But which of us didn’t listen?  Ryan was our surprise guest speaker and he shared his story of drugs abuse, abortion and fleeting sex and relationships … until he surrendered to Jesus Christ.  Then life was never the same!

THE DARK ROOM – Denise Marshall
As Denise struggled while growing up, it was the things that lurked in the dark rooms of her life that caused her to think about things she never thought she would do.  The burdens were so overwhelming and decisions she made that would seem to have changed her life forever!  Then came a day when a room filled with light … and again … she would be forever changed!


At only eight years old Janie was introduced to a lifelong enemy named insecurity which would drag her down a dark and painful path. Even though she was raised in a good Christian home, as a teenager Janie chose a life of bulimia, drug addiction and alcoholism. Taking every wrong turn, she ended up in front of the judge facing a prison sentence that would change her life forever.