OVERCOMING – Melissa Ohden
Melissa suffered great heartache after finding out the truth about her life at age 14.  After spending years searching for her biological family and healing from the emotional and spiritual pain she suffered Melissa has been able, with God’s grace, to not only survive and thrive, but to overcome.  Melissa says “No matter what you are facing in your life, you can overcome, too!”  Come and hear the full story of Melissa and the amazing story of how her life has unfolded into the beautiful young woman she is today.

THE FIGHT – Marlene Barba
Marlene grew up in a home where there was a lot of fighting as well as physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuse.  She was also extremely bullied at school.  Wanting to be loved, she said “I made a string of wrong decisions which led me to partying, getting pregnant, drugs, crime and eventually suicide.”  I lived my life fighting to be loved but found true love the last time I tried to end my life.

WICKED – Honeybear Outlaw

Honeybear grew up in a Christian home with the hope of a bright future ahead.  Then after a tragedy and thinking she had been abandoned by God, she chose a road that would change her life forever.  Life became very wicked, very fast!  As she entered the room, the heaviness of the evil permeated the house and filled the room!  She could hear them saying “A sacrifice would need to be made tonight.”  There were forces stronger than herself at work that night and she was no longer in control.  Little did she know that a decision was to be made that night and it wasn’t going to be hers.

DECEIPT – Sheena Taber
Much of her life Sheena was lied to by her mom, lied to by her dad.  Lied to by Satan!  So in return she started lying to everyone around her.  Lying to God and to herself.  Before she knew it, the lies became her reality.  Come and hear where her lies brought her and where she was when truth penetrated her heart.

MASQUERADE – Brittany Davis
Being raised in a Christian home and then finding herself in the middle of the street weeping because her family was falling apart.  “How could this happen in a Christian home?” she wondered.  Then the masquerade began only to find herself reeling because of the masks she wore to pretend she was someone she was not. Only to have God remove remove her masks as He revealed the truth.

Megan Kearon
Finding herself wanting to please everyone, she found herself unhappy with who she had become.  Megan had a mask on showing her church friends and her family that she had it all together.  To stop eating made her feel in control of herself, her body and her circumstances … only to find IT had control of her.  Come and hear how, as the Lord removed Megan’s mask, it would reveal to her … her need for a Savior.