Peggy McDermott

The oldest of 5 children & raised in a strict military home I learned about God as a child & raised Catholic.

I had a wonderfully devoted and amazing mom.  She was my closest friend.  I loved her so much.  My mom was diagnosed with cancer and after a 2 year battle she died when I was only 17.  Though I was a straight “A” student and played sports, I started drinking before mom died to “fit” in.  Drinking led to a promiscuous high school life.  I starved myself after my mother died and struggled with bulimia/anorexia.  Once I started college then the fraternity, drugs and the party scene began.  The pain was too much – I dropped out of college and for 2 years my family didn’t know where I was.  Detectives were looking for me – yet my life of horrible crime, drug use, abortion and horrible scenes continued.  I found myself a hopeless drug addict, homeless and living out of my car.  8 years of horrible drug addiction, homeless, promiscuity and trying to be thin enough to find the right man, and make money!  I worshiped anything that would fix me.  More devastation – More pain – More drugs and in agony … finding myself at the brink of despair I needed a way out!

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